Change Startup Programs on Your Computer

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  1. Use the programs themselves. Many programs that start automatically will include and option not to start automatically. Search through the program settings first to see if this option is available before using any other method.
  • It may be helpful to Google for this setting as well (“Dropbox start up settings”, etc.).



2. Examine which programs start automatically. How many programs start automatically really won’t have a huge effect on your computer. What really matters is how much processing power they take up. Take a look at how much processing power they’re using and find the biggest culprits. Those are the programs you should stop from starting automatically.
  • For Windows computers, you can look into this by opening the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) when the computer first boots and look at which programs are sucking up the most processing power.



3. Research before stopping programs. You should always do a little homework before you stop a program from starting when you boot up your computer. Certain programs are necessary to the normal function of your computer and stopping them can cause serious harm. Don’t remove anything unless you know exactly what it is. Google is your friend.


4. Avoid utilities for this purpose. There are many unofficial utilities or programs which will tell you that they can streamline the process of changing your startup programs, and they may work. However, you should always be extremely cautious of free programs or even paid programs which come from places other than your computer or OS’s manufacturer. Read the directions below to find out how to change the startup programs without risking getting a virus or otherwise compromising your system.

  • One program which is generally reliable and safe is CCleaner, which you should always download from a reliable, safe source like CNet. Go to Tools->Startup to change the programs.





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