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Microsoft Discontinues Support For Windows Phone Officially

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Previously, Microsoft wants to rival the success of Android and iOS by launching Windows Phone. Unfortunately, the fate of Windows Phone is not so successful when compared with Android and iOS are very welcome in the market. Even Microsoft’s attempt to push Windows Phone with the acquisition of Nokia still has not worked.

Obviously Microsoft’s efforts are not really in accordance with their wishes, including in terms of acquiring Nokia though. Since its mobile platform has not developed, the company has officially ended support for Windows Phone 8.1. However this does not mean that Windows 8.1 devices will stop working, but rather means that in terms of software updates and technical assistance, users must handle their own needs.

For now it is not known exactly how many mobile devices out there are still running OS Window Phone 8.1, but of course there are still some remaining devices that still run the platform. It’s unclear what Microsoft plans for the future of his smartphone, but there are rumors Who said that Microsoft could try again with Surface Phone.

Although Microsoft is not very successful in the smartphone segment, but this software giant seems to be quite successful in making progress on its tablet business with Surface Pro products. The success of this device, of course, thanks to software support and applications that are usually only found on laptop or desktop devices.

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