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MS Paint Not Removed In Windows 10 Creator For Next Update

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News about the removal of Paint software on Windows 10 Creator next update makes the fans of this software can’t stay silent. Many Windows users are not willing if the software that has been present for 32 years was removed just like that. Hearing the complaints of Windows users, Microsoft finally decided to change plans on the next update.

Through official blog, Microsoft announces that MS Paint will not disappear in Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, but only “move home”. Yes, this means MS Paint still exists, but where it moves to Windows Store is available for free. So MS Paint will not come as a default software on the next Windows 10 Creator Update, and for users who want to keep using MS Paint can download it from the Windows Store.

But it is not known when MS Paint will move to Windows Store. While the latest Microsoft applications, namely Paint 3D will still continue to exist as the default application that promised to continue to get updates. With the app, the users of Windows 10 can create 3D content.

While MS Paint is also still often used by Windows users, especially for simple editing and very light. As time went by, MS Paint also continues to receive updates, including file format support. But for more serious editing, of course we need software that is more qualified than MS Paint.

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