Smart Tips Running WhatsApp Messenger App on Linux

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WhatsApp app is now known as the most popular messenger software. Almost every acquaintance with new people or meet old friends, you will be asked to provide the number WhatsApp. Communicating through messenger this one is very concise. Can be through chat, voice call, or video.


Not only that, the use of WhatsApp was made easier with the launch of WhatsApp web features. This feature allows WhatsApp users to run their accounts via computer. Only, WhatsApp party does not provide these features for various platforms. They only provide those features to Windows and Mac users.

With such conditions, those who do not use both operating systems must also bite the fingers. These include Linux. However, with a little clever trick, you can actually run WhatsApp via a Linux computer. Curious, right? Check out the steps below.

  1. The first step is to run the Google Chrome browser application.
  2. Next, go to the webstore and download the WhatsChrome extension. This extension allows users of computers other than Mac and Windows to run WhatsApp via Chrome.
  3. Next, you just do a scanning QR code to be able to run WhatsApp applications on Linux computers.


Various features you can enjoy when using this extension. These include voice, video, or regular chat. Not to forget, you can also send different types of files via WhatsApp that opened via Linux.

In addition to utilizing the existence of Google Chrome applications, similar steps can also be done by using Mozilla Firefox browser. It’s just that you need a different extension. For Firefox browser users on Linux, you can download an extension called Messenger for WhatsApp. Features owned by this extension was not so much different from WhatsChrome. In addition, this extension also provides information on the number of unread messages.

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